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Fan & Pad A-Frame

Fan & Pad Poly House with A Frame N.F.T. System

Efficient Cooling with Poly House Fan and Pad Control: Achieve Optimal Temperature and Humidity

Our Poly House with fan and pad control system offers advanced cooling capabilities for agricultural applications. Designed to provide high-efficiency cooling, this system incorporates cooling pads mounted on one end wall or sidewall of the Polyhouse. Water is supplied to the pads through a pipe, and excess water is collected in a bottom gutter. Slow axial fans mounted in the opposite end wall or sidewall draw air through the wet pads, saturating and cooling the greenhouse.

With our Poly House fan and pad control system, you can enjoy precise temperature regulation and improved air quality. The inclusion of cellulose pads ensures proper airflow with the desired cubic feet per minute (CFM) per square foot of area. We prioritize efficient water flow and minimize water contamination to achieve a temperature reduction of 10-12°C below the ambient temperature at 45% relative humidity.

The evaporative cooling process, where heat is extracted from the air as water evaporates from wetted surfaces, enables significant temperature reduction within the greenhouse. This cooling method proves particularly effective in drier climates, making it suitable for regions such as North, Central, and West parts of India.

Our Poly House with fan and pad control system is well-suited for various applications, including secondary hardening of banana plants, vegetable seedling cultivation, and strawberry growing. Experience optimal temperature and humidity control with our advanced cooling solution and enhance the success of your greenhouse operations.