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Indoor Vertical

Indoor Vertical Flatbed N.F.T. System with Grow-lights

Revolutionizing Agriculture: Vertical Farming in Poly Houses

Vertical farming has emerged as a game-changing approach to agricultural practices in India, primarily through polyhouse-based farming. Poly-house farming offers protected cultivation that leads to higher productivity and yield of vegetables and fruits across the country. Vertical farming within poly houses guarantees remarkable yields while conserving resources, saving up to 80% of water and significantly reducing labor requirements, all while maintaining exceptional crop quality. Additionally, polyhouse farming provides a shield against natural uncertainties and diseases without the need for harmful chemicals.

One of the key advantages of vertical farming in poly houses is the ability to cultivate crops throughout the year, enabling farmers to meet market demands promptly. By operating within a controlled environment using natural nutrients, the resulting crops boast superior quality. These vertical farms can be established in densely populated areas, ensuring a year-round supply of fresh and nutritious food to millions of people, regardless of external weather conditions. By offering a consistent source of fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits, vertical farms alleviate some of the challenges associated with conventional agriculture.

Experience the transformative power of vertical farming in poly houses and embrace sustainable, high-yield agricultural practices that contribute to food security and environmental preservation.