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Shadow Hall

Shadow Hall

Robust Foundation: Grid Structure Anchoring with Enhanced Ventilation and Shading

The anchoring foundation features a 4-meter by 4-meter grid structure constructed using durable G.I. pipes. With 33% top ventilation, this design effectively reduces temperatures by up to 5 degrees Celsius, ensuring optimal growing conditions. The top of the structure is covered by a shading net, providing 50-65% coverage, while a UV-stabilized polythene layer is placed below the shading net.

The sides of the structure are shielded by 35-50% shading net, complemented by polythene curtains. The flexibility of the design allows for 100% opening and closing of the sides using worm gears, providing precise control over ventilation. With a total height of 6 meters and a gutter height of 4 meters, the shadow hall offers ample space for plant growth. The single-piece gutter, constructed from 1mm thick material with a 500mm development width, ensures efficient water management.

Customization options are available to meet individual customer requirements, allowing for tailored dimensions that suit specific needs.

Experience the reliability of a grid structure anchoring foundation, enhanced with optimal ventilation, shading, and ease of operation. Create an ideal environment for your crops with precise control over temperature and sunlight, maximizing their growth potential.