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Fan & Pad Flatbed

Fan & Pad Poly House with Flat Bed N.F.T. System

Poly House with Fan and Pad Control: Efficient Cooling Solution for Greenhouses

Our Poly House with fan and pad control system is designed to provide high-efficiency cooling for greenhouses. Cooling pads are mounted on one end wall or sidewall of the Polyhouse and are supplied with water from a pipe above them. Excess water is collected in a gutter at the bottom. Slow axial fans, mounted in the opposite end wall or sidewall, draw air through the wet pads, saturating and cooling the greenhouse.

This system is ideal for situations where high-efficiency cooling is required, particularly in greenhouses that require higher air velocity. We provide Poly Houses with cellulose pads to ensure the proper cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air movement per square foot of area. We ensure efficient water flow and minimal water contamination to achieve a temperature reduction of 10-12°C +2°C below ambient temperature at 45% relative humidity.

The evaporative cooling process, utilizing the heat in the air to evaporate water from plants and wetted surfaces, allows for cooling the greenhouse up to 10 to 12°C below the outside temperature. This cooling method is most effective in drier climates, making it suitable for regions like North, Central, and West parts of India.

By utilizing the heat in the air itself, no external energy supply is needed for the evaporation process. The air leaving the pad is simultaneously cooled and humidified. This type of Greenhouse is suitable for various applications, including the secondary hardening of banana plants, vegetable seedling cultivation, and growing strawberries.

Experience efficient cooling with our Poly House fan and pad control system, ensuring optimal temperature and humidity levels for successful greenhouse operations.